Bringing the West to the East.


The focus of our work with General Saloon’s social media was rebuilding and expanding. They had already established both a Facebook page and an Instagram page before we got in contact with them. However, both were in need of content and scheduling. That’s where we came in. With the Saloon team’s approval, we made sure to use all the different things that go on at the Saloon to their advantage. From weekly specials, open mics, live musics, and almost monthly special events, there was a lot of content available to us. All we at MGEMS needed to do was make sure it was all promoted consistently to keep their social media followers engaged. Now, their Facebook page is booming with interaction and their Instagram profile is on the rise as well.


On certain holidays, General Saloon wanted to promote their specials. Like shown above, we ran two ads for Superbowl Sunday pertaining to their pizza and wings offers. They gave us an estimated budget and decided to run the ads the week of Superbowl. We customized the settings to optimize the reach and so that only relevant individuals would see the offers. The images were kept colorful to bring attention, and the caption text is straightforward with a call-to-action.


General Saloon had recently been bought by new owners, with whom we started doing business with. With new owners at the helm, General Saloon had started to do a lot of new things which could easily be wrapped up in a press release. As such, we wrote out a press release highlighting such events. This included specials such as a new twist on their Blues Nights and the introduction of live bands every weekend. The release was written sometime in February 2018, sent out to local journalists within the New Jersey area. Later in the month, this was also used as a social media post and was met with positive reactions and engagement.

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