The perfect place to pamper your furry friend.


Furrs N’ Purrs is a pet grooming salon located in Clifton, NJ. The owner approached us with an idea of pushing online deals for their marketing campaign. So we created a site specifically to highlight two offers for potential clients: a free oatmeal bath and a free ultimate paw protection. Since they already have a main website, we wanted to stay consistent with the branding. We took inspiration from their main website and implemented it on the separate offers page so that people can automatically associate the look with Furrs N’ Purrs. From there, we have three different ways to collect leads, giving the owners more chances to get emails for remarketing.


As a pet salon, Furrs N’ Purrs already had the advantage of having cute dogs and cats as clients to help boost virality. All we needed to do was find a way to capitalize. So, we came up with the idea of using the pictures taken after the pets’ appointments to use as social media content. We simply frame them in a custom graphic template, designed by MGEMS, and schedule it into our social media software. To fill in the blanks in between photos, we have a consistent posting schedule. We use articles, tips, and other cute animal photos to cater to his niche market while also keeping engagement up.


Although we have optimized the offers site so that people can find it easier through SEO and keywords on the domain, gathering more ways to direct traffic to it is important as well. Through targeted ads, we funneled traffic to the website based on location and demographics. This way, there is a bigger range of possible audience that will stumble across the offers and likely to give business to Furrs N’ Purrs.

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