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Eco Lube Express needed to update their whole website. Using the previous website as inspiration, we stayed consistent with the branding – dark theme with elements of bright, neon green. We kept the information relatively the same, with minor updates as given by the owners. However, the way the information is presented was altered so that it is easier to read and distinguish between services. Aside from what was already provided, we included ways to generate leads from people who are interested in their services, and plan to incorporate online payments for oil changes in the future.


One of the ways we modernized the look and feel of Eco Lube Express was through creating an animated video displayed on the first page. It is one of the first things visitors see on the website. We hoped to give people a different way to learn about what Eco Lube Express’ services are about without having to read the whole site. It breaks the action of scrolling through the site in a creative and fun way.


The team at Eco Lube Express have been long term clients of MGEMS Marketing for years. Recently, we had the pleasure of spearheading their social media profiles on Facebook and Instagram. However, both profiles did not have many posts at first. In response to that, our team of social media specialists sat down and developed a content strategy to generate social media posts regularly. Now, we have developed a system to introduce fun car content to their followers while weaving in some marketing for their different auto services as well.

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