Caribbean cuisine in the heart of New Jersey.


The owner of Breeze’s Cafe & Grill asked us to create a webpage that advertises their restaurant up for sale. Therefore, the goal of this project was to generate leads from individuals seeking to buy restaurants. MGEMS Marketing decided to highlight key points that makes Breeze’s Cafe & Grill unique and desirable while being consistent with the identity of the Caribbean restaurant. The page includes a video, images, testimonials, services, and finally a form to collect contact information.


During a separate time of events, Breeze’s Cafe & Grill wanted to take their advertising online. Their focus was gaining more customers who are in town or passing by. We targeted their ads specific to their location, created complementing imagery that are easy to notice and readable, and overall captured the personality of the restaurant. We mainly highlighted day-to-day specials rather than promoting a special event in order to stick to the goal.


From time to time, Breeze’s Cafe & Grill will invite guests to perform at their restaurant or hold special meals for certain occasions. We create posters that can be plastered on their social media, and resize them to be printed as posters for display.

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